Eleanor Tiefenbrun

Designer, gardener, traveler too. Bride of a farmer, mommy of two.

Hello and welcome. I’m Eleanor.

I’ve always been interested in the way things look. In fact, if you’d have asked me when I was four, I’d have told you “I want to be an artist.” I said that for years. 

I think I was fascinated by the transformation of materials and ideas into something more than just the sum of their parts, though I probably wouldn’t have put it quite in those terms at that tender age. 

Anyway, that fascination just sorta stuck. Enough so that I pursued creative endeavors throughout school and into college, where I majored first in Fashion Design. But by then, having met my future hubby (a farmer-to-be) and having begun dreaming of a farmy (i.e. likely not even remotely near a fashion hub) lifestyle together, and having listened to a fashion industry guest speaker say that we “nice midwestern girls would have to bitch-it-up if we expected to make it in the fashion industry,” I began to think maybe I was barking up the wrong tree.

So, by way of a brief detour toward Architectural Studies and a few brilliant and committed faculty-folk, I bootstrapped my own Interdisciplinary Design Studies major (thank you, Stephens College, for being so open-minded!), and—in the process—found my way to Graphic Design. 

Indeed, a new tailor-made major, a fabulous new mentor (hey, Kate!), and a different way to pursue design: ad and publication design, identity and brand design, a magazine and lifestyle brand capstone, and a couple internships. It was basically total immersion in layout, branding, illustration, and the importance of it all. #thatesccalatedquickly

Post-graduation, we moved to northern Michigan, where I found my first big girl gig designing for a a bodacious regional magazine. Much was learned, friends were made, snow boots were broken-in!

Somewhere in there, Matt proposed on top of a sand dune, and some months thereafter (and after moving back to Missouri) we got hitched at a beautiful mill owned by some family friends back in Missouri, and that very day, Matt revealed that we’d be flying to Switzerland and traveling (on the oh-so-cheap) around in Europe for a few weeks! Delegating honeymoon to husband: success! 

I digress.

Anyhoo—the spring before we were married, we’d bought our first farm. I’d grown up on a farm, Matt majored in Ag, but with chickens and turkeys on pasture, cattle, and even pigs and sheep, we learned a lot on the farm front that first year! 

Meanwhile, I was snuggling the beaglemutts we found in the barn (they’d come with the place, unexpectedly—bonus!), looking for a new design gig, and facing our reality of living nearly an hour from much of anything agency-or-publication-wise, and—shocker—not finding anything I felt wild enough about to make a 2-hour commute part of my daily routine. 

So, sort of because nothing else presented itself, I began to do custom design work from the farm.

Not surprisingly, it was a slow start in rural mid-MO. But I’m comfortably busy now, and two beautiful babies, a few really wonderful dogs, and another farm later, I’m really pretty happy with how things have fallen into place. #livingmybestlife #workinprogress

And, now, here we are: Good Lady Branding + Design, named to reflect (I hope!) the quality of my relationships with clients (and ideally everyone in my life) and the quality of work I endeavor to provide. 

It’s aspirational. It speaks to the type of lady and designer I’d like to be. A good one.

So, there it is: the nutshell version, believe it or not!

Have a look around and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or for a hand with your brand.

I’m pretty friendly, and I like this stuff.