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custom logo design

You’re here, so you probably understand the importance of branding, and the importance of a brand’s identity hero—its logo.

Maybe you’re just getting started with your business and need a logo on which to hang your hat, or maybe you need a facelift for your current logo and brand.

Either way, Good Lady specializes in custom logo design for businesses, campaigns, events, and more, and understands the value in providing useful logo variations (color variety, favicon, stacked, etc.).


Branding suites

Unless you’re a a just-wing-it, DIY type, you’ll probably want an expert to fully develop your brand and identity materials . Good Lady will happily be that expert, taking your custom logo and its variations live onto business cards and letterhead, and developing a color palette, choosing appropriate fonts, even sometimes developing taglines, and selecting textures.

Consistency in those elements of your brand really does matter and make a difference in how you’re perceived and received in your market. So oftentimes, a Brand ID Guide (spelling out your brand identity details) will make your and your team’s lives easier. A reference for things like your color palette and color builds [CMYK, RGB, Hex, etc.], your brand’s fonts, and when to use which logo variations and file types [JPG, PDF, etc.], can ensure you and your team are using your brand and its elements consistently internally, and that your target recognizes you at just a glance.


Once your brand framework is sorted with a branding suite (or once you have a campaign or event in mind), you’ll want to begin to share it with the world, so that your customers can begin to associate it with you and the wonderful things you do and/or peddle.

And, whether you share your brand (or plans) via menus, mailers, posters, ads, brochures, a website, apparel, packaging, or a rocket ship, Good Lady can help you reach your tribe with the professional, snazzy materials your brand and message deserve. #ifwebuildittheywillcome

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